Product Care

  • Can you cut/put raw meat on this board? I’m worried about it being porous and absorbing any bacteria

    Yes. It is made exactly for that purpose. With time, you may notice some scratches on the board, that is ok, it is what keeps your knives sharp and the reason chefs use wood on cutting boards. Teak Wood has self preserving properties that kill any bacteria. It could be a good idea to apply vinega...
  • Do your boards come pre-treated?

    Yes, all of our products come cured in a natural moisturizing mix of USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil and Pure Beeswax. You won't need to oil it upon arrival, just a light wash with soap before using works perfect. The coating keeps the surface smooth and prevents bacteria from hosting and tran...
  • How do I clean my wooden products?

    You can clean your product with water and soft soap. We recommend using vinegar as it is more friendly with wood. Detergents may damage the surface of wooden products. Use a clean cloth to dry it. NOTE: Do not use your dishwasher. This would ruin the product and cause it to crack and warp.
  • How should I wax my product?

    With frequent use, the board may lose its coating and protections. Waxing your products will revitalize the wood and bring back the soft and lustrous shine. You can either use coconut oil or natural beeswax to oil/wax your wooden products. We strongly recommend you not to use mineral or vegetable...
  • Is the product truly 100% sustainable?

    Yes, it is! Our products have the lowest carbon footprint in kitchenware. Our process uses up to 67% less energy than materials used in typical kitchenware. Products are carefully wrapped in tracing paper and shipped in a thoughtfully designed box made of cardboard and sugar cane fibre. All our p...
  • Where can I store my wooden products?

    You can store your products in a drawer or on the countertop. Just make sure the board is completely dry before you put it away.
  • Will my board look identical to your photos?

    Each single piece is unique in look because of the wood grain characteristics. There are no two identical boards.